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Art Show, Spring 2023 - Blue


a note from mr. kerin

Welcome to the sixth annual Williams Middle School Spring Art Show! This show kicks off in person with an artists’ reception followed by walkthrough for classes, but we have put it online as well so you can admire it from afar and share it with your family and friends far away. This art show was open to all students at the school. I’m so proud of all who participated. We have students of all ages and abilities here—all with a common desire to portray their interpretations of “Blue.” We have some amazing pieces this year! Thank you for checking it out, and congratulations to all who are in the show, and special thanks to Mrs. Etcheverry and Mr. Quiambao for their help in putting the online show together.


student artwork

Click on images below to enlarge.



girl with blue hair in mountains

Adelynn Martinez, Grade 6 

Blue background with moon and boat

Aerielle Menez, Grade 7


lady with blue hair and freckles

Agatha Galila & Andy Fairax
Grade 7

birds, flower, sun

Ahnna Arunjasper, Grade 7 

Blue sky, brown earth

Aleena Qayumi, Grade 6 

lady with eyes closed

Amelia Dao, Grade 6 

horse with flowers

Benjamin Ashpari, Grade 7 

sunset with palm trees

Ashleen Samra, Grade 7 

City scape

Braxton Pham, Grade 6 

planet with gold background

Damien Partin, Grade 7 

sea with palm trees

Daniel Ruiz, Grade 6 

bugs like clouds

Diana Favela Marquez, Grade 6 

man with square head

 Diana Razo, Grade 6

blue and black

Elle Runnion, Grade 6 


Ethan Codilla, Grade 7 

dinasour with smoke

Evan Chung, Grade 7



Evelyn Ra, Grade 7 

girl in bikini

Fernanda Ruelas, Grade 6


Franco Munoz, Grade 8 

people spinning

Gabrielle Rejano, Grade 7 

Bird on twig

Hillary Crowell, Grade 6 


Giselle Robles Pelayo, Grade 6 

Blue water with lighthouse

Jacob Majano, Grade 6 

Godzilla and cookie monster

Jacob Vincent, Grade 7 

bird on branch

Jaxx Ahuero, Grade 6 


Jayda Dickerson, Grade 6 

Blue Butterfly

Jayden Richardson, Grade 7 

sharks in water

Jeremy Grover, Grade 6 

front and back of man

Jessie Teaney, Grade 8 

Palm tree with boat

John Weaver, Grade 6 


Justin Gangotra, Grade 7

frog on a lilly pad

Koa Maas, Grade 6

blue cats

Layla McDonald, Grade 6 

surface web

Kobe Tang, Grade 6 


Layla Vanluchem, Grade 6 

lady in suit Monika

Madison Andrews, Grade 7 

pig with blue

Marwa Amerzada, Grade 6 

lady with mask and earphones

Marwa Qadiri, Grade 8 


Maximo Gonzalez, Grade 7 

blue flower

Maya Behnam, Grade 7

boat near water

Nairobi Colbert, Grade 6 


Raquel Espitia, Grade 8 


Rosalie Garcia, Grade 6 


Sana Hakimi, Grade 8 

Blue taco

Sanjum Dhindsa, Grade 6 

boy with jacket

Sara Qadiri, Grade 6

girl image

 Sarah Pamintuan Grade 7

bird with butterflies

Shrootee Thatte, Grade 7 

various characters

Sophia Estacio, Grade 6 


Sofia Ocampo, Grade 6 

lady looking in mirror

Sophia Simao, Grade 8 

water wave

Tiger Xie, Grade 6  

several faces

Taylor Ramirez, Grade 6 

girl with blue flowers

Trish Nguyen, Grade 7 


Tysenn Soria, Grade 6 


Youmna Elbashir, Grade 7