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School Site Council

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Williams Middle School

School Site Council Meeting - Agenda

12/16/20 – 5:00 PM – Williams Library/Teams




Action Requested of SSC Members

1.       Call to Order

Andrew Stokes, Chairperson

Role Call

2.       SSC Business



a.       Review SSC Minutes from 10/26/20

1.       Review

2.       Vote


b.       Emergency Plan

1.       Informational – Mr. Romo

2.       Vote


c.       School Re-Opening Plan

1.       Informational – Mr. Romo


d.       Subcommittee Recommendations

1.       Informational

2.       Vote


3.       Public Comment




I.                    Call to Order

a.       Time___________________

b.       Date___________________

c.       By Whom_______________


II.                  Role Call of Members

a.       Miguel Romo (Administrator)                     ____

b.       Christopher Beaken (Certificated Staff)  ____

c.       Teresa Ignatovich (Certificated Staff)       ____

d.       Ajinder Hundal (Certificated Staff)            ____

e.       Jeanne Bailey (Certificated Staff)               ____

f.        Cynthia Molina (Classified Staff)                ____

g.       Michelle Baptista (Parent)                           ____

h.       Andrew Stokes (Parent)                                ____

i.         Alma Hernandez (Parent – ELAC)               ____

j.         Victoria Serrano (Parent – ELAC)                 ____

k.       Elizabeth Velasco (Parent – ELAC)              ____

l.         Marcus Young (Student Representative) ____

III.                Announcements


a.       Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 9, 2021 at 5:OO PM (Teams Meeting)